DGBG: Throw'n Into Trouble


Hi, thanks for checking out my board game! 

I have enjoyed various board games over the course of my lifetime, and I have been inspired by several of them to bring my favorite sport to tabletop gaming...disc golf!

It plays just like disc golf; you are on a course with other players, using creative throws and different discs to get through the forest and into the basket. You will have to deal with the wind and hazards found on the course, either by your own choice or due to the mischievous nature of your opponents.

With the art inspired by famous illustrator of The Oatmeal, by Matthew Inman, you will roll over laughing at the hilarious and dramatic characters in the card art, too.

What you are seeing is the prototype, designed by me;  my graphic design team is working on it now to get the game looking beautiful!

Game Overview

Choose one of 6 forest creatures to play as; you will draw 3 cards to start Hole 1, and whoever is throwing first must throw without knowing which way the course wind is blowing. Choose from one of the available tee pads to throw from, and let's throw!

Chooses your disc and throw type, and the direction of your throw.

Your disc options are Approach, Midrange, and Driver. Your putter is available only when you are close enough to the basket.

Your throw types are backhand/forehand, hyzer, and anhyzer. Each throw's length and direction is represented on a transparent game piece, allowing you to lay it over the hole  to see exactly where it goes! Every 5th space adjusts for course wind, though, so the way through isn't as clear as it may seem!

Once you have confirmed all the details of your throw, let 'er rip! The disc is in the air, and hazards and wind are adjust for or resolved in a linear fashion. You might deal with natural hazards, like tall grass, bushes, tree trunks, tree branches, rocks, or water. You might deal with course obstacles such as mandos, or out of bounds areas. You might deal with unexpected wind changes or lie adjustments played on you by a devious player. Even playing your best, it's likely you'll be Throw'n Into Trouble!

If you are within 6 spaces, you have made it into circle 2! You can jump putt from here but it takes more dice than you need to get there; good luck not rolling too soft or hard and missing! Once you are within 4 spaces, the putt becomes more manageable, but nothing is guaranteed.  Do you have the line to go for a chain-in not using your putter? If you have the dice rolls to pull it off, you'll feel like an absolute hero.

Hazard resolution, Wind cards, and putting are all resolved with dice. You might have been lucky to have drawn dice modifying cards, but your opponents could have them too, and making the decision to save them for your throw, or use them to mess with another player is up to you! There are other fun cards, like cancel, protection, and throw/disc/direction restrictions, but I'll let you discover those in more detail when you're playing!

When everyone is in the basket, record your scores. How you did on the hole decided the order of play on the next hole, and how many cards each person gets to draw! It might seem great to have more cards, but when you're in the lead, you can bet the other players have a single target player in mind...YOU!

I have put together 18 diverse holes to play through, with 1-6 players. For perspective, a 2 player game of 9 holes takes about 35-50 minutes. I have included rules that allow for more streamlined play, or more debauchery.

Alternative Game Modes: 

Solo/Non-Compete mode You use a limited amount of Focus, with no additional cards in the game. This helps you learn the course and your shots.

Drinking: It isn't just for strokes now! Drink for losing the lead, getting under par, or for going in the water/out of bounds! Give drinks for taking the lead and for getting under par!

Doubles: Introducing a couple new people to the game? Play doubles! Two people make throws but you take the best shot each time, recording only one score between the two of you!

There will be more courses and holes released as expansion packs in the future, featuring world famous courses and themed for never ending fun!