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PREORDERS DGBG: Throw'n Into Trouble

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Hi, thanks for checking out my board game! 

I have enjoyed various board games over the course of my lifetime, and I have been inspired by several of them to bring my favorite sport to tabletop gaming...disc golf!

It plays just like disc golf; you are on a course with other players, using creative throws and different discs to get through the forest and into the basket. You will have to deal with the wind and hazards found on the course, either by your own choice or due to the mischievous nature of your opponents.

With the art inspired by famous illustrator of The Oatmeal, by Matthew Inman, you will roll over laughing at the hilarious and dramatic characters in the card art, too.

For an in depth look at how the game is played, watch the gameplay video, or read more about it HERE

Get a great discount by pre-ordering the game before it's release in early 2022! I will ship worldwide.