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Music Production Lessons

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I offer lesson packages for learning to use digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live, for enhancing your abilities as a musician and producer.

Pipe Bands: Let's discuss ways to integrate this technology into your band's competition routine; you will see leaps forward in ensemble and cohesion when building Ableton in to your practice workflow.


Things I can teach you: 

How to use Ableton Live

Tune Writing

Tune Structure

Setting up your electronic chanter with Ableton Live

Navigating and using Universal Piper

Mixing Techniques: (Getting your instruments sounding great and working well with one another, so nothing is too loud and drowning the others out)

Saturation, Distortion, Reductive EQ, Compression, Additive EQ, Stereo Imaging, FX, Limiting.

Effects: Reverb, Delay, different ways of using them

Sound Design: Layering Samples to achieve larger sound.